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The Official University Link Is:

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Hi guys i am updating so many links for you where you can find your results.I know server will be busy .But you can get your result at an instant at

Various Links are:

1)Anna university link:

Anna University Chennai
Controller of Examinations
Results of UG(B.E./B.Tech - VIII Semester) Examinations(Grade System)- May/June 2012
Registration No:

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Anna University Chennai Examination Results 2012

                                                                 Latest Examination Results from Anna University
B.E. / B.Tech. VIII Semester May / June 2012

Registration Number:    

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Anna University
Anna University B.E., B.Tech 8th Sem Results April May 2012
Enter Your Roll No.
Result Updated : 27th June 2012
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5)Schools 9


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I guess this will be enough for you to get your results.Please give me feedback so that i can improve my blogging.Yours N.K.Nakul

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Anna University Chennai
Controller of Examinations
Results of UG(B.E./B.Tech - VIII Semester) Examinations(Grade System)- May/June 2012
Registration No:

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Hi guys you can get your result here .Less traffic .:
wish you all the best:

Anna University Chennai Examination Results 2012

                                                                 Latest Examination Results from Anna University

B.E. / B.Tech. VIII Semester May / June 2012

Registration Number:    

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Whenever the exam name comes into students mind they feel shocked and scared.Even i used to be like that when i was an anna university student.Usually student asks this question:"How to write exams?".

So ,guys basically question paper consists of two parts PART A and PART B.I will instruct you guys to follow these steps:


      While studying ,try to study three UNITS thoroughly and see important questions of other two units.Either you can go through previous year question paper to get important question or you can get these question from book containing repeated university question papers and answers.These books are of cost Rs190-230.


     For PART A questions i would advice you guys to learn repeated two marks questions .Two marks cannot be predicted and basically it is mostly repeated ones.And i would advice you to study these two marks just 3 or few hours before exam.



1)Try to answer all the questions.Even if you dont know the answer try to write anything related to topic and if there is no hope then write the topic you studied from that unit.

2)Present neatly .Try to avoid mistakes and "dont treat your answer sheet as a battlefield".

3)Draw figures neatly and explain the figure.

4)When you write PART-B try to write in following sub topics:
    a)Definition :Here define in three or four sentences about the topic.
    b)Draw the main figure and explain the parts or note down the parts.
    c)Write the principle followed by working.
    d)Write equations if necessary.
    e)Then write down the advantages and disadvantages.
    f)At last write the applications.

5)Always write the right side of the answer booklet carefully and neatly.


1)Never write unknown 2MARKS question .Try to write 7 two mark question atleast five among them should be right.

2)Never blaber with 2MARKS.Try to write the correct answer for two marks .If not possible dont attend .

3)Avoid rewriting  in first page itself.


       Love what you learn and not bi heart.Study to learn new things not to get good marks.Knowledge is an investment for a life time.If you do in this way you will rock your life.

Hope this post will help you in your preparation for exam .These are not just written ,these are experience of various students and staffs under anna university.Your wellwisher nakul.

Please comment below:if you have anything!

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The below is as i found in some other sites:

Fourth,sixth semester paper valuation is currently going on and valuation is excepted to complete by Next Week , and May/June/July 2012 Anna University Results(Common To All Colleges in TN) are expected to announce by last week of July 2012 or first week of August 2012 ([Except Eight Semester],[ Including Second Semester]) - Sources Added

So What About The Paper Valuation Is It Liberal Or Strict ?
First Of All Nobody can Predict Any Paper Evaluation history . Its Purely depends on the examiner , if you are really lucky your paper May passes with liberal valuation
We Will Update The Detail Whatever We gathered  Instantly Keep Visiting our for More Updated Details : PREM,ADMIN

                                      "4th Semester Operating Systems and Microprocessor and micro controller  For CSE Department Students got Some Tough Question Paper Earlier, Results are not Up To The Mark for Operating system and MM  in comparing with other 4th semester CSE subjects"

According to me the results depends upon the mood of the evaluator  ,luck and the way student have presented the paper .Now what we can do is wait for results.Anyways its not the end of the world .

As bill gates have said:
Never loose your hope.And success is a journey not destination.Prayers with you all."nknakul"

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For the above pdf download here:
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As i was surfing for information i saw a site suggesting that the paper correction will be liberal .And the paper correction will be finished in two days .Thats all Fake information.

According to information gathered from college officials the correction  of eighth semester paper were started soon after one week after exam.Earlier correction used to be started after all the exams but this time because of common university every paper were corrected soon after a week of commencement of the paper.

Usually eighth semester correction is liberal and in this semester only most of the papers are cleared.

If you have written 3 Part b question correctly and attended some 2 marks you would pass the exam.But it depends on luck to.

Just pray and wait for the results.Wish all will pass out with flying colours.

Your faithfully,
n.k.nakul kaladhar
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The Second semester Important question  is being uploaded .

Physics II:Important questions

Chemistry II:Important Questions

Circuit Theory II:Important questions

Mathematics II:(Updating)

English II:For english please refer previous year question paper.:

For any more queries please comment .
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Unit 1:
Analysis of series and parallel circuits(16marks)
finding the equivalent resistance or current in the circuit(8 or 16 mark)
Mesh current method(16 marks)
Node voltage method(16 marks)
Star-Delta transformation,Derivation and problems(8 or 16)

Unit 2:
Problems from super position theorem(8 or 16 marks)
Problem from Thevenin's theorem and Norton theorem(8 or 16marks)
Problems from maximum transfer theorem,Reciprocity theorem(8marks)

Unit 3:
Derive the expression for maximum voltage across L and C.(16 marks)
Derive the expression for resonant frequency and bandwidth of a series resonant circuit
Derive the expression for Half Power Bandwidth of the parallel resonant circuit.
Derive magnetic coupling coefficient
Derive the expression for equivalent inductance of two coils in series and parallel with
1)Series aiding
2)Series opposition
3)Parallel Aiding 
4)Parallel opposition(16marks)
Write a note on DOT conversion(8mark)
Problems for finding resonant frequency,Bandwidth ,impedence of a circuit at given frequency and current under resonant condition.

Unit 4:
Derive the expression for driven series RC and RL circuit(16marks)
Write a note on overdamped, underdamped and critically damped system(16marks)
Define and explain the characterisitics of
1)Unit step function 
2)Unit ramp function
3)Unit impulse function(16marks)

Unit 5:
Explain two wattmeter method of measurement of three phase power and it effects with a neat diagram and it advantages.
Problems to find active power,Reactive power,Total active power,Power factor of load.
What are the different methods of three phase power measurement.?Explain them in detail?(16mark)
Derive a relationship between a line current and phase current and a line voltage and phase voltage related to star connected and delta connected load.(16marks)
With the help of phasor diagram and connection diagram show that Two Wattmeters method are sufficient to measure the active power in three phase three wire system with 
Balanced star connected load
Balanced Delta connected load

For two mark refer the previous year questions.The previous year paper can be downloaded from:

Download This document:
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Part B Questions:

Nernst Equation for electrode potential
SHE-Primary Reference electrode
Calomel electrode-Secondary Reference Electrode
Glass Electrode-Ion selective electrode with Determination of PH
Measurement Of PF of cell potentiometer
conductometric titraton-acid base

Corrosion and its control
Types Of Corrosion -Dry and wet
Factors Influencing corrosion and nature of corroding environment
cathodic corrosion two types
Paints ,constituents and functions
Electro and Electro less plating

Fuels and combustion:
Proximate analysis
Ultimate analysis
otto hoffman by product method
Fixed bed catalytic cracking
Fischer tropsch process
Bergius Process

Phase rules and alloys
Define phase rule and explain the term involved
One component system
Two component system lead and silver
Phase Diagram by thermal analysis
Heat treatment of steel
non ferrous alloy

Analytic Technique-Spectroscopy
Beer Lamberts Law
Calorimetry -Estimation of ion
Flame Photometry -estimation of sodium
UV and IR photometry
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Download the above document:

For Part A question refer old question papers:

Suggestion:Study three units thoroughly and read important questions of rest 2 units.

wishing you all the very best."Nakul".

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Important Part B Questions

Conducting Materials
Wiedemann Franz law
Density of energy states

Semiconducting Materials
Hall Effect
Intrinsic semiconductor
Carrier Concentration In n-type

Magnetic And SuperConducting Materials
Domain Theory and Hysterisis
BCS theory-High temperature super conductors-Meissner Effect-Isotopic effect-Squid

Dielectric Materials
Electronic and Ionic Polarisation
Clausius mosotti equation

Modern Engineering Materials
Metallic Glasses
Carbon nano Tubes
Shape memory Alloys

For Part A study previous year 2 marks question.

For previous year paper :

I wish all the best for all the second year students.

For any Enquiry and help please comment below.

Download the above document:
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Latest Updates on Anna University May/June 2012 Results:{12.6.2012}

              "Anna University affiliated colleges all over tamilnadu ,8th semester result is expected to be published by the end of third week or last week of june"

The above was mentioned in one of the websites.But according to the inputs the results will be getting delayed.
The actual dates will be published within 2weeks.

Visit regularly.
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Anna University Revaluation Results of M.B.A.(Trimester),Integrated M.B.A./B.Tech(Dual Degree)(Credit System)- March - 2012

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                                                     Anna University :: Chennai 600 025 

                                               Office of the Controller of Examinations 
                                                       June/July 2012 Examinations 

                                        Additions in M.E./M.TECH Degree Examinations List - II

University link:

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B.E./B.TECH Students Who Done their Eighth Semester Examinations In Anna University Affiliated Colleges All Over Tamilnadu Now Waiting For Eighth Semester May/June 2012 results 

Paper Evaluation For Final Semester(Eighth Semester) Will Be Done Somewhat Earlier When Compared To Other Semesters In order To Facilitate Students to Join Companies And Initiate Higher Studies

Paper Evaluation Is Expected To Complete Within a Week From Today(09.06.2012)

Results For Final Year Students Who Got Arrears In Previous Semesters (I-VII) Will Probably Delayed And Published Along With 2nd,4th,6th Semester Results

Information Regarding 8th Semester May/June 2012 Results Will Be Updated Instantly

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I  saw that first year students are confused about the dates as i saw it on rejinpaul.So i  am updating the schedule uploaded on rejin paul and on portal.

The link of pdf is 

Information as shown in rejinpaul

The original pdf is :

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                   Anna University :: Chennai 600 025
                 Office of the Controller of Examinations
                       June/July 2012 Examinations
                 Changes in M.E./M.TECH Examinations

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                                                           Changes in PG Examinations

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